How to recover lost Word files?

Microsoft Word processing application creates data in the form of text files i.e. a word document. The files get saved in .docx and .doc format which are different from other text files has it contains a proprietary code that can be read only by Microsoft application. They are always saved with a filename which identifies it uniquely. One can identify a word document by its extension and icon. Apart from representing information in text it can represent it in other forms embedding pictures, bar charts, clipart etc. If you have an installed Microsoft application you can create such documents easily and share them among others by attaching them to e-mail and sending them through the network.

Large business enterprises presently use Microsoft word as the standard tool to communicate the confidential and professional information to develop their business. After creating such word file they have to be stored in some storage device for reuse. Files saved in such devices can be lost due to different reasons. In such times Lost File Recovery tool will be your helping hand to recover lost Word files. Use this spell bounding tool and recover lost Word files safely from your computer.

Let’s discuss some reasons behind data loss:

Macro viruses: Macro virus is special type of malicious program written in a macro language. This can affect your word files and cause abnormal behavior and destroys the original data. These viruses are commonly infected either by downloading a harmful attachment or attaching a virus infected system.

Antivirus scanning: When a malware infects the files there is only one common way to delete them that is using antivirus software. But using this software also causes data loss from the system. When you scan a infected device the software detect the malware and deletes the file attach with it thus causing loss of word files from device.

File system corruption: Each and every storage device uses a file system to arrange and manage their files well. It is with the help of file system an operating system is capable to retrieve the files in a faster way taking the location and file pointer. If a file system gets corrupted you may end up in inaccessible files causing loss of word files.

Lost Word File recovery is an effective utility that enables you to recover lost word files of doc and docx format. If you are a Windows XP user then you can click on retrieve lost files on Windows XP link and restore lost Word files easily. Other than Windows XP, this software can retrieve lost Word files from all latest versions of Windows and Mac systems. This software can perform hard drive, memory card, USB, iPod lost file recovery. After the completion of recovery of lost Word document, you can preview the recovered files.

Apart from these entire effective features one can sort the recovered files knowing its file attributes. If the hard drive is been crashed then the software also enables you to perform crash hard drive recovery. Download this tool and experience how faster and easier it works.

Follow the steps mentioned below to recover lost word files:

Step 1: Download and install the Lost Word recovery application to retrieve lost word files. From the main screen, choose “Recover Files” option to restore lost Word files.

Restore Lost Files - Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen select “Recover Lost Files” option to retrieve lost Word files. Select a drive from which you want to restore lost Word files. Select the file type as document when the software prompts you.

Restore Lost Files -  Select Mode Screen

Step 3: The scanning process gets initiated and displays the list of documents recovered. Select the required word file and save it back to system.

Restore Lost Files - Save File Screen

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